Zille Hyder Syed, Maryam Matloob, Rubina Qasim, Wafa Najeeb

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Aim: To compare the frequency of infection and expulsion following insertion of IUCD immediate post casarean to that of interval insertion in parturient undergoing elective caesarean section

Method: This Randomized controlled trial was conducted from 21 February to 20th August 2010.

Results: It was observed that in immediate post cesarean group(Group A) expulsion rate was 8.1% and infection rate 7.2% where as in interval insertion group(Group B) expulsion rate was 10.9%and infection rate was 9.0%. The difference of expulsion rate was statistically significant in two groups (p value 0.491) i.e expulsion rate was proven to be significantly higher in interval insertion group than immediate trans cesarean insertion group. The difference of infection rate was not statistically significant between two groups (p value 0.623) although infection rate was found to be higher in interval insertion group but not clinically significant difference was found.

Conclusion: Null hypothesis was rejected for expulsion rate of IUCD and a statistically significant increased expulsion rate was found in interval insertion group as compared to immediate post cesarean insertion group. Null hypothesis was accepted for infection rate after IUCD placement in two groups as no statistically significant increased infection rate was found between immediate post cesarean and interval insertion groups

Keywords: Expulsion rate, infection rate,immediate post cesarean insertion,interval insertion.

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