Ibadullah Sajid, Uzma Ashiq, Raja Imran Sajid

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The health miseries emerged after the horrific incident of Second World War challenged the bio-medical model dominating the healthcare perceptions during the 19th century. The healthcare interventions in post war years have had to change toward a new idea, the social perspective of health. In 1977, Engel introduced a new approach “bio-psycho-social” (BPS) which emphasized that merely bio-medical intervention by ignoring the psycho-social determinants cannot be helpful in achieving absolute recovery. Although this paradigm shift in healthcare was widely acknowledged but the application of the approach is limited. In the context, the role of Medical Social Work, a profession focused on the reduction of the psycho-social and environmental determinants of health for absolute recovery, is considerable. This review study concludes that the interventions of Social work profession with its unique attributes such as breadth, holistic care and believe in absolute rehabilitation, can make the health system more responsive.

Keywords: Healthcare, determinants, Medical Social Work, Social, Psychological

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