Muhammad Khurram Zia, Yabinda Sehrish, Sajila Bano, Zakia Nehal, Fatima Abbasi, Asif Qureshi

Complications of Ligasuretm Haemorrhoidectomy

Muhammad Khurram Zia, Yabinda Sehrish, Sajila Bano, Zakia Nehal, Fatima Abbasi, Asif Qureshi



Objective: The aim of this study is to determine the complications of ligaSureTM haemorrhoidectomy.

Study Design: Prospective descriptive study.

Place and Duration of Study: The study was conducted at department of Surgery Darul Sehat Hospital, Karachi for duration of one year from June 2017 to May 2018.

Materials and Methods: 160 patients more than 14 years of age having grade III and IV haemorrhoids admitted through OPD were included in the study. The patients with recurrent disease, associated perianal pathology like anal stenosis, fistula in ano e.t.c, deranged bleeding profile and patients with positive hepatitis B or C virology were excluded. All the patients underwent ligaSureTM haemorrhoidectomy. Any complication during surgery or postoperatively was noted. The data was collected on a specified proforma and was analyzed by using SPSS 24 software.

Results: 62.5% were males and 37.5% were females. Their mean age was being 43+5 years. The mean pain score on visual analog scale was 5.4. The next most common complication was bleeding (8.75%) followed by anal spasm (5%), and urinary retention (4.4%). Only 4 patients had wound infection which was managed conservatively by antibiotics and sitz bath. There was no incontinence and recurrences observed in the subsequent follow up after six months.

Conclusion: LigaSureā„¢ hemorrhoidectomy is not only safe and effective but also has less blood loss, postoperative pain and complications. Technically it is much simpler because suturing is not required and hemostasis is easy to achieve.

Key Words; LigaSureTM haemorrhoidectomy, Complications, Haemorrhoidectomy

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