Arshad H Abro, Shahid H Memon, S Zr Ali Shah, B R Devrajani, T Devrajani, A Memon, A Talpur, S Raza

Thyroid Dysfunction in Postmenopausal Women

Arshad H Abro, Shahid H Memon, S Zr Ali Shah, B R Devrajani, T Devrajani, A Memon, A Talpur, S Raza



Aim: To determine the thyroid dysfunction in postmenopausal women

Methods: A total of fifty patients clinically presented as hypothyroidism were recruited and included in the cross sectional descriptive study conducted from March-2018 to May-2018 at tertiary care teaching hospital Hyderabad. The inclusion criteria was the postmenopausal women while the exclusion criteria were the patients The exclusion criteria of the study were known cases of thyroid malignancy, chronic kidney and liver disease, the patients already on hormone replacement therapy, known cases of ovarian and uterine malignancy and the patients already on medications as iodide, amiodarone, salicylates, propranolol, lithium and corticosteroids. The detail history was taken; relevant physical examination was performed while along with baseline investigations the specific investigations as thyroid function test was advised.

Results: During three months study period total fifty patients with thyroid dysfunction were recruited and studied had mean age ± SD identified as 53.86±8.64 (yrs). The diabetes mellitus was observed in 20 (40%), regarding residence, the urban 22 (44%) and rural 28 (56%), hyperlipidemia 30 (60%), hypertension 22 (44%). Regarding the thyroid status, subclinical hypothyroid 14 (28%), hypothyroid 10 (20%), thyrotoxicosis 06 (12%), euthyroid 20 (40%) while the co-morbid the obesity 23 (46%), osteoporosis 21 (42%) and asthma / copd 10 (20%)

Conclusion: The thyroid dysfunction commonly observed in postmenopausal women with subclinical hypothyroidism as predominant dysfunction followed by hypothyroidism whereas the existence of hyperthyroidism was observed to be less in our study group of patients.

Keywords: Menopause and Thyroid.

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