Aamir Waseem, Pakeeza Aslam, Itrat Hussain Kazmi, Seema Qaisar



Aim: To compare the frequency of epigastric pain after intravenous infusion versus intravenous bolus administration of oxytocin in cesarean section. Study design: Prospective, case control Place and duration of study: Department of Anaesthesia, Shalamar Medical & Dental College Lahore from 1st April 2020 to 30th September 2020. Methodology: Total 120 patients were included in this study. Patients detailed demographics age, BMI and parity were recorded after taking written consent. Patients were aged between 18-40 years of age. Patients were divided into two equal groups I and II. Group I received Intravenous infusion and group II received I/V bolus. Results: Mean age of the patients in group I was 25.59±8.95 years with mean BMI 26.15±7.14 kg/m2 and mean age in group II was 26.18±2.77 years with mean BMI 26.15±7.18 kg/m2. Epigastric pain was observed higher 29 (48.33%) in bolus group II as compared to infusion 15 (25%) group I. Conclusion: The frequency of epigastric pain was higher among intravenous bolus group as compared to infusion of an equivalent dose of oxytocin. Keywords: Epigastric pain, Intravenous infusion, Intravenous bolus

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