Naeemul-K Bhatti, Kashif A Channar, A B Memon, Waheed M Dahri, A Qayoom Memon, A Rahojo, Mr Memon

Associated Injuries in Patients with Maxillofacial Trauma in Tertiary Care Hospital Nawabshah

Naeemul-K Bhatti, Kashif A Channar, A B Memon, Waheed M Dahri, A Qayoom Memon, A Rahojo, Mr Memon



Background: Maxillofacial trauma is the physical trauma that causing great concern among population of developing countries because of increasing ratio of Road Traffic Accidents (RTA) in younger boys. Apart from RTA, other causes are also involved in MFT. Leaving face aside, other injuries involved in MFT are related to chest, abdomen, limbs and other systems. Pneumothorax, hemothorax, hemo-peritonium and fractures of upper and lower limb bones are associated injuries

Aim: To evaluate the associated injuries with Maxillofacial trauma

Study design: Descriptive study

Place and duration of study: Department of Surgery at Peoples University of Medical & Health Sciences Nawabshah from 1st July 2011 to 30th September 2019.

Methodology: Six hundred and fifty two patients were enrolled. Meticulous clinical examination was done for whole body especially the head and neck region. All injuries were initially diagnosed by clinical examination followed by plane radiograph or CT scan to conform diagnosis. All facial injuries and associate injuries were assessed. Injuries to the head, spine, upper lower limbs and abdomen were considered as associated injuries.

Results: There were 532(81.6%) and 120(18.4%) were females. Majority of patients (35%) were in age group of 21-30 years followed by 23% in 31-40 years. Road traffic accidents affected 44% patients. Fall was the cause among 19% patients. Interpersonal violence affected 28%. Mandible bone was injured in 35% patients followed by maxilla 23%, zygoma 18% and dento-alveolar 13%. Head and spine injured in 34% patients; upper limb in 11%. Lower limb in 14%, abdominal injuries were observed in 9% and skin injuries were observed in 30% patients. Two hundred and twenty three (34%) patients suffered head and spine injuries.

Conclusion: Head and spine injuries are most common associated injuries in cases of maxillofacial trauma followed by skin, lower limb, upper limb.

Key words: Trauma, Maxillofacial, Pneumothorax, Spine injuries.

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