Manal Yahia Ibrahem, Hanan Mohamad Rashad & Mohga Abd Elaziz Selim
Pakistan Journal of Medical & Health Sciences

Effect of Training Program about Extravastion Injuries on Nurses’ Performance

Manal Yahia Ibrahem, Hanan Mohamad Rashad & Mohga Abd Elaziz Selim



Intravenous extravasation is a significant problem and one of the most commonly seen morbidity in infants admitted to the neonatal intensive care unit. Nurses play a key role in preventing extravasation injuries. The study aimed to evaluate the effect of a training program about extravasation injuries on knowledge and practice of neonatal nurses. One-group pre-posttest quasi-experimental design was used. A convenient sample of 45 nurses was recruited from two different NICUs at Kafrelsheikh General Hospital Governorate and Health Insurance Hospital (El Ebour Hospital) at Kafrelsheikh city. Tools: Structured questionnaire interview and observational checklist were used. Results revealed that minority of nurses had satisfactory level of knowledge and performance in pre-program compared to all nurses in post- program. A significant differences for nurses total mean knowledge and performance scores between pre and posttest (P =0.00) was evident. In conclusion, knowledge and performance of nurses were significantly increased after receiving the training program suggesting its effectiveness. The study recommended that nurses who working in NICUs especially newly hired should be equipped with updated information about extravasation injuries through continuous educational programs. As well, an emphasis should be done regarding their practices and periodic checkup for their knowledge.

Keywords: Preterm, NICU, Extravasation injuries, Nurses’ performance, Training program

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