T. Rashid, A. Ayoub, M. Ahmed, S. Qadir, M. Jan, A. Ghafoor

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Background: Endoscopic sinus surgery is mostly conducted for the removal of the inflammatory as well as infectious diseases of sinus and malignant or benign nasal, paranasal & nasopharyngeal pathologies. The various surgical approaches that have been used range from transpalatine to a lateral rhinotomy and to mid-facial degloving.

Aim: To determine the outcome of mid-facial degloving approach facilitated with endoscope for nasal, paranasal and nasopharyngeal pathologies.

Methods: Forty five patients that fulfilled the inclusion criteria were enrolled in the study. All the patients were then underwent surgery by the researcher along with a surgical team under general anesthesia by using Mid-facial degloving approach. The patients were followed - up on 3 & 6 months after the surgery and underwent clinical examination and endoscopic nasal examination to assess the complications, cosmetic outcome and recurrence after the procedure during the follow-up period. Data was entered & analyzed using SPSS v. 23.

Results: Mean age of the patients in the sample was 25.47±10.52 years. There were 39(86.7%) male patients and 6(13.3%) female patients. Cosmetic outcome was excellent in 31(68.9%) cases, satisfactory in 12(26.7%) while 2(4.4%) variable comments about the cosmetic effects of the procedure. Bleeding was most common complication 3(6.7%), however recurrence occurred in 3(6.7%) cases.

Conclusion: It is concluded that mid-facial degloving approach is a highly successful method for removal of nasal, paranasal or nasopharyngeal pathologies.

Key words: Mid-facial degloving, endoscope, nasal, paranasal, nasopharyngeal, pathologies

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