G. Amin, M. S. Nawaz, A. M. Ikram, G. M. Shaikh, J. I. Afridi, A. Ehsan, A. Tariq

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Relationship between Tobacco Smoking And Dental Fear Among Adolescents of 15-18 Year Age in Pakistan

G. Amin, M. S. Nawaz, A. M. Ikram, G. M. Shaikh, J. I. Afridi, A. Ehsan, A. Tariq



Aim: To assess the relationship between dental fear and smoking among adolescents of 15-18 year of age in Pakistan

Method: This study was a prospective crossectional survey design which was conducted in Lahore. After taking permission from the school’s head, data was collected from the male students of grade 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th using questionnaire and later on one of their parents was approached to fill the questionnaire. For this purpose, only one school was targeted. Sample size was of 200 participants whereas parents of all the student participants participated in the study.

Results: The results of chi-square revealed that dental fear was quite high among male students, occasional use of tobacco, and use of mouthwash minimum thrice a day. It was also found that students of those parents whose occupational level was low reported higher dental fear.

Conclusion: It was found that adolescent male students were found to have more dental fear who smoke tobacco as compared to those who do not smoke. It is important to ask about smoking habits as well as dental fear when examining oral health maintenance of adolescents.

Keywords: Smoking, Tobacco, Adolescents, Dental fear

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