S. Ali, S. Mohsin, Zeb, B. Ashraf, M. Nadeem
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Aim: To d etermin e the safety and efficacy of narrow band ultravoilet B radiations in chronic hand eczema.

Methods: 62 patients were enrolled from OPD of Dermatology Unit II, KEMU/ Mayo Hospital, Lahore. They were

given phototherapy treatment through NB UVB local chamber, t hrice weekly (on fixed days) for a total of 12 weeks

or until clearance. Patients were followed up fortnightly for further 1 month and final assessment was done at the

end of one month. Physician’s Global Assessment (PGA) Score was used to assess the sever ity of eczema

affecting the hands.

Results The data was collected from 62 patients with 0% dropout. There was only one patient who had

improvement <25%, 4(6.45%) had improvement 25 50%, 8(12.90%) had 51 75% improvement and 49(79.03%)

cases had improvem ent >75%. Minimal side effects were seen which included erythema, photosensitivity, itching

and pain.

Conclusion : NB UBV is a safe as well as effective treatment option for chronic eczema of hands.

Keywords : Chronic Hand Eczema, Narrow Band UVB, Physician’s Global Assessment Score.

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