S. Nisar, F. Farooq, Rabia, M. N. Anjum, M. Fatima, Z. Manzoor, H. S Ramzan
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Comparison of High Resolution Computed Tomography Features in Covid-19 and Other Viral Pneumonia-

S. Nisar, F. Farooq, Rabia, M. N. Anjum, M. Fatima, Z. Manzoor, H. S Ramzan



Aim: To compare the high resolution computed tomography features in Covid and other viral pneumonia presented in recent literature.

Methodology: For this study, total 25 studies were included which follow the Preferred Reporting Items guideline for conducting this systematic review analysis (PRISMA). Electronic articles of Covid from January 2020 to April 2020 were searched on PUB Med, online Willey library, and Science Direct site by using keywords related to CT imaging and Corona virus. For pneumonia related studies articles from year 2010 to year 2017 were included for better comparison.

Results: After pooling data, it was observed that bilateral involvement was found in 76.8% of studies, 68.4% GGO, and 62.2% ratio was occupied by peripheral distribution in different studies. Total 48.7% of studies were concerned about the ground glass opacity (GGO) consolidation, 33.2% observed consolidation, 27.7% look for crazy paving pattern, and 25% of studies observed mixed central and peripheral distribution.

Conclusion: Study concludes that the chest CT finding results of selected studies for Covid and pneumonia cases were overlapping. Only high prevalence related to upper and lower lobe involvement and peripheral distribution was relatively high in Covid studies.

Keywords: Computed tomography, pneumonia viral disease, Sars Covid-19

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