Ali Tatlici, Yavuz Lima, Sercan Yilmaz, Abdulkadir Ekin, Sedat Okut, Ebru Ceviz
Pakistan Journal of Medical & Health Sciences

The Effects of Beetroot Juice Supplementation on Balance Performance of Wrestlers

Ali Tatlici, Yavuz Lima, Sercan Yilmaz, Abdulkadir Ekin, Sedat Okut, Ebru Ceviz




This study assessed the effect of beetroot juice supplementation on the dynamic and static balance

performance of wrestlers at rest and fatigue conditions.

Material and methods:

The study was conducted with 3 trial days. The study is a double blind, randomized,

cro ssover design in which eight trained male Greco Roman wrestlers (age 21.87±2.3 years; height 176.87± 4.1 cm;

body weight 76.75± 5. 4 kg) consumed beetroot juice (BRJ) (140 ml) or placebo (PLA) (140 ml, cherry juice with

lemon juice) 150 min before performin g balance performance test. Subjects were administered standard warm up

and then dynamic and static balance tests were performed to the dominant leg with by Biodex Balance System

(BBS, Biodex Medical Systems Inc., Shirley, NY) at rest. Following balance te sting, each subject got into a fatigue

strength exercise (FSE) to create fatigue for the dominant leg. Immediately after the ( FSE), subjects were applied

to dynamic and static balance test to the dominant leg again at fatigue. The same trial procedure was repeated

with the other supplement (BRJ or P LA ) in the third testing trial five days later. Paired sample T test was used for

comparison of BRJ and P LA balance performance values.


Although there were no significant changes in static OSI, APSI balance scores, Static MLSI improved

significantly in favor of BRJ in rest . Dynamic OSI and APSI paramet er s improved significantly but not MLSI in the

BRJ trial. While all static and dynamic b alance parameters improved statistically, only static MLSI w as not changed

by the BRJ trial at fatigue.


Consuming BRJ can be useful to maintain balance performance and prevent sports injuries in

training or competition.


Beetroot Juice, Dietary Nitrate, Balance, Wrestlers.

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