Samaneh Rahmani, Peigham Heidarpoor, Soleiman Ahmady, Lida Shams
Pakistan Journal of Medical & Health Sciences



Purpose: This study aimed to gain insight into physical therapy clinician faculties' perspectives on the perceived challenges of physical therapy in Iranian health care systems.

Method: A qualitative descriptive approach consisting of semi-structured face-to-face or telephone interviews was used. Interviews were audio-recorded, transcribed verbatim, and checked by interviewers to ensure trustworthiness. Data were analyzed using thematic content analysis.

Results: Eight participants were interviewed, representing physiotherapists from diverse demographics and geographical regions in Iran. Our 3 key findings were (1) revision of physical therapists curriculum (2) promotion of physical therapists, authority (3) successful coordination of physical therapist in the Iranian health care system, especially primary health care.

Conclusions: Physical therapy and physical therapists in Iranian health care system faced many challenges ranging from individual to policy levels. The success of physical therapy would be enhanced by a greater understanding of the role of physiotherapy in Iranian health care system by physiotherapists, other health care professionals, and policymakers.

Keywords: Interdisciplinary health team, physical therapy, Iranian health care system

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