Roya Vaziri-Harami, Pegah Seif, Ali Kheradmand, Saharnaz Vaziri-Harami
Pakistan Journal of Medical & Health Sciences

The Role of Sleep Quality and Mental Health in Cardiovascular Disease

Roya Vaziri-Harami, Pegah Seif, Ali Kheradmand, Saharnaz Vaziri-Harami



Objectives: Cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) may accompany other diseases. Of which can name sleep disorders and also other psychiatric disorders.

Aim: In current study we evaluate the concomitant mental health disorders and the sleep quality among the acute myocardial infarction (AMI) and acute coronary syndrome (ACS) patients.

Method:180 cases were selected through random sampling. 90 of the cases were hospitalized because of acute myocardial AMI and 90 patients were admitted with the diagnosis of ACS. Demographic, GHQ 28 and PSQI questionnaire was applied to evaluate the demographic features, psychological wellbeing and sleep quality subsequently.

Results: 57.8% of cases were women 42.2% were men. The age range was 27 75 years old and the mean age was 49.93+11.73years old. 87.8% of the patients were married and rest were single. The mean score for the GHQ 28 questionnaire was22.43+10.99in patients with angina and in AMI patients.38.8% of ACS patients and 50% of AMI patients didn’t feel well psychologically. The mean score for sleep quality in ACS patients was 3.08+3.6 and 4.06+3.8 in AMI patients. 32.3% of ACS cases and 24.4% of AMI cases had troubles in sleeping.

Conclusion: The mental health disorders prevail in AMI and ACS patients. Furthermore, the poor sleep quality was correlated with mental health disorders.

Keywords: Sleep Wake Disorders, Mental Health, Acute Coronary Syndrome, Myocardial Infarction

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