Runjati, Sri Rahayu, Ida Ariyanti, Sri Wahyuni, Emy Suryani
Pakistan Journal of Medical & Health Sciences

Smart Mother Classes Toward Coping Skill Ability, and Anxiety Level among Pregnant Women

Runjati, Sri Rahayu, Ida Ariyanti, Sri Wahyuni, Emy Suryani



Background: Antenatal education is considered standard care for pregnant women. Unfortunately, this class does not provide sufficient skills for women to cope with stress during pregnancy and delivery. In the other side, study literature claims that coping skill is truly essential for the mother to cope with and minimize the anxiety which leads to a serious risk for both mother and baby.

Objective: This study aims to prove the impact of smart mother classes to improve coping skills ability and decrease anxiety levels among pregnant women.

Methods: This study used a randomized pre-test post-test control group design in which the ages of pregnancies were 28-35 weeks in Semarang City Region. The mothers were randomly assigned to be members of an experiment group (n=50) and a control group (n=50). The experiment group was given smart mother classes that did perform antenatal classes and coping skills, while the control group was given standard classes, antenatal education only. The data analysis employed a dependent sample t-test and independent sample t-test.

Results: There is a significant change over coping skill ability for the intervention group (p<.01), but not in the control group. Furthermore, there is also a significant change in the decrease in anxiety levels in the intervention group (p<.01).

Conclusion: Smart mother classes are predominantly effective to reduce anxiety levels and enhance coping skill ability among pregnant women. Thus, pregnant women need to join smart mother classes during pregnancy.

Keywords: smart mother classes; coping skill, anxiety level, antenatal classes

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