Ehsan A. Yahia, Magda M. Bayoumi
Pakistan Journal of Medical & Health Sciences



Mobile health applications are an easy, friendly access method for enhancing patient’s compliance and overall health status. This study aimed to evaluate the effectiveness of using mobile health applications on patients’ compliance. A Quasi-experimental design was used with a purposeful sample of 150 subjects who have been diagnosed with type II diabetes were recruited. SOKARY android mobile application diabetes App was selected mobile health application in Arabic interface included many features as recording blood glucose level, nutrition and physical activity with medication reminders and healthy lifestyle advice notifications. The findings showed that the effectiveness of post-using the Mobile App on patient’s compliance is statistically significant 52.64+5.1, (p=0.000). Obviously, the improvement is statistically significant as recognized in lowering the level of HbA1c (p> 0.029) and BMI (p>0.006) and increasing level of activity (p>0.002) and overall patient’s compliance (p>0.004).

In conclusion, the results reported significant improvement in patients’ compliance and highly recommended to utilize such mobile health applications among patients to prevent the complications of Type II diabetes.

Keywords:SOKARY Mobile Application, type II diabetes, patient’s compliance, HbA1c, level of activity, BMI

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