Merhan M. Hamouda, Nanees E. Mohamed, Walaa A. Abd el-Nabie
Pakistan Journal of Medical & Health Sciences



Objectives: Genu recurvatum commonly represents a more challenging problem that interferes with activities of daily living in children with cerebral palsy. This study aimed to investigate the effect of pulley therapy on genu recurvatum in children with unilateral cerebral palsy.

Methods: Forty children with unilateral cerebral palsy aged from 3 to 6 years were randomly allocated into two equal groups: control group and study group. Both groups received designed physical therapy program in addition, study group received pulley therapy program instead of using free weights in control group for strengthening hamstring and tibialis anterior muscles. The program's protocol applied for one hour, three times per week for three successive months for each group. Degree of genu recurvatum was assessed pre- and post-treatment by using digital goniometer while, muscle strength of hamstring and tibialis anterior was assessed by using Lafayette manual muscle tester device.

Results: Both groups showed significant improvement of all measured variables post treatment. The significant improvement after treatment in degree of genu recurvatum and muscle strength was obtained in favor to study group (p<0.05).

Conclusions: Pulley therapy may be used within the rehabilitation program of children with unilateral cerebral palsy to treat genu recurvatum.

Key words: Unilateral cerebral palsy, Hemiplegia, Genu recurvatum, Progressive resistance training, Pulley therapy.

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