Khanzad Khudhur Jarjees, Khanda Omar Khudhur, Suzan Sabah Yahia Al-Safar
Pakistan Journal of Medical & Health Sciences

Detection of Multidrug Resistance Salmonella spp. from Chicken Meat by Multiplex PCR and VITEK 2 system

Khanzad Khudhur Jarjees, Khanda Omar Khudhur, Suzan Sabah Yahia Al-Safar



Salmonellae are highly pathogenic foodborne bacteria able to cause infection even at low doses. Infection by Salmonella from contaminated foods leads to gastrointestinal disease known as salmonellosis. Raw chicken can be a source of human infection if the meat products are not properly handled, stored or cooked. The aim of the present study was to investigate the prevalence of Salmonella Enteritidis and Salmonella Typhymurium serovars in retail raw chicken meat from retail market in Erbil, as well as, to assess their antimicrobial resistance.

A total of 100 raw retail chicken meat samples were collected and plating on Xylose Lysine Deoxycholate and Salmonella-Shigella agar media. In addition, the typical black colonies were identified and stored for further analysis. In addition, Salmonella spp. isolates recovered from the samples were identified and tested for antibiotics susceptibility by using VITEK 2 automated system. The multiplex polymerase chain reaction was employed to detect Salmonella Enteritidis and Salmonella Typhymurium in the meat samples.

Out of 100 raw chicken meat analysed samples, 5 (5%) were positive for Salmonella Typhimurium, while none of the samples were contaminated with Salmonella Enteritidis.

The resistance levels of the isolates against 12 different antimicrobial agent were tested: all the strains were suscebtible to Imipenem, Meropenem, and Ciprofloxacin. However, the resistance rates in the bacterial isolates were 20% each for Amikacin, Gentamicin, and Tobramycin, also 40% and 30% resistance for Minocycline, and Trimethoprim/Sulfamethoxazole. All isolates of the Salmonella Typhymurium were multiresistant to three or more antimicrobial agents. Preventive measure such as proper temperature control as well as proper handling of raw chicken meat in the market place are crucial to the minimization of any potential health hazard by this foodborne pathogen.

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