Husain F. Hassan and Sabreen Y. Gaeib
Pakistan Journal of Medical & Health Sciences



In this study, 25 stray cats were caught from the urban city of Kirkuk hunted using specially designed traps. Cats were dissected and examined in order to investigate its infection with intestinal parasites. Our results indicate that all stray cats were infected with at least one type of helminthes. Three types of Trematodes were identified: Echinochasmus, Heterophyes and , Prohemistomum with infection rate of 4% for each type. Such species were identified for the first time in stray cats in the Iraq. Moreover, four types of cestodes were identified: Diplopylidium, Dipylidium caninum, Joyeuxiella and Taenia taeniaeformis with infection rate of 24% 48%, 16% and 12%, respectively. Nematodes of Physaloptera preputalis, Toxocara cati and Toxoascaris leonina were also found. The infection rate was 4% ,28% and 8% for each type, respectively.

Keywords: intestinal helminthes, stray cats, Trematodes.

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