Tasneem Murad, Sundus Ambreen, Noureen Hafeez, Faisal Khan, Jahanzaib, Hassan Tariq
Pakistan Journal of Medical & Health Sciences

Physical and Biological Evidence in Sexual Assault Cases Reported in District Rawalpindi

Tasneem Murad, Sundus Ambreen, Noureen Hafeez, Faisal Khan, Jahanzaib, Hassan Tariq



Forensic medical examination serve two purposes i.e.to preserve mental and physical health of the victim as well as collection of forensic evidence 1,2. Collection and documentation of evidence whether in form of injures or biological material is help to validate the objects and the accoster's past.3 The outline of wounds also has a criminal worth because they are related to the result of lawful proceedings4. The works assessment explores the variables linked to genital harm occurrence and places that are informed in a sequence of surveying examinations of medicinal proceedings 5.The occurrence of perfect indication of erotic harms in the U.S. ranges from 5-27%, in Italy 11.5%, in Thailand 42% and in Denmark 38%. In Israel, as in another place in the countries, few cases of erotic stabbing in children have vibrant indication of a erotic style. 6,7,8,9.

Objective: To evaluate incidence and comparison of physical and biological evidence in victims of sexual assault and their relation to time interval between examination and incident.

Methodology: The retrospective cross sectional study was placed during June 2019 to December 2020 on cases reported in the DHQ Hospital Rawalpindi with follow up reports. Total 108 cases were reported during this period. Data was collected from DHQ Hospital Rawalpindi with follow up reports. Examination results were included presence and absence of physical injuries located genital region and other parts of the body, and presence and absence of biological evidence .The fallouts of investigation were linked to parameters such as sex, age and length of time since assault. Data was analyzed by using SPSS version 19


Female victim: Out of 108 cases 77 was female.61% was unmarried and 39% was married (Figure 1). 44.2% cases was fall between age range of 16-20years.2.6%cases between age group of 45-50 years.51.9% cases belong to rural area. While 48.1% cases belong to urban. Vaginal swab was positive in 79.2%.genital injuries was present in 13% cases.11.7% married and 1.3% unmarried. Other injuries present in 6.5%married.7.8%unmarried. Fresh hymen injuries present in 13%.old in 41.6%.

Male victims: Total 31 in number.67.7%in rural area ,while 32.3% in urban.45.2% (14)between age group 11-15 years .Anal swab was positive in 64.5%.(20 in number).Bleeding was present in 32.3% (10)cases. Bruises in 41.9%.abrasion was present in 48.4%.(15)25% in 11-15 years age group. Genital injuries was present in 45.2%(14).other injuries 28.1%.anal swab with injuries positive in 34.4%.negative in 12.5%.Finding on clothes was present on 12.5%.

Conclusion & Recommendations: Rape or sexual assault in the absence of prior sexy knowledge, genital or physique harms are usually found in adolescents. The possibility of rape in nonappearance of any hurt, with or deprived of permission cannot be excluded. A competent forensic examiner must examines and follow up the victims of sexual violence. The forensic examiner must have technical and scientific skills that are medicinal and stabbing history taking, whole body examination, and organic article collects, recording damages, clinical pediatric practice, interpretation of findings and reports and prosecution.

Keywords: Genital harms, adolescent, body injuries, Prosecution

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