Talib Hussain, Sikandar Javed Bajwa, Salvan Ghani, Beenish Alam, Malik Arshman Khan, Adil Durrani
Pakistan Journal of Medical & Health Sciences

Dental Anxiety Measurement of Children in Abbottabad Using Audio Visual System

Talib Hussain, Sikandar Javed Bajwa, Salvan Ghani, Beenish Alam, Malik Arshman Khan, Adil Durrani



Aim: To measure the anxiety and fear in children while visiting dentist and to observe effectiveness of audiovisual assistance to overcome anxiety

Study design: Qualitative study

Place and duration of study the study is done in Rehmat Memorial Hospital Abbottabad department of operative dentistry, affiliated with Women Medical and Dental College Abbottabad, from December 2014 to February 2017.

Methods: Total two hundred children were observed aged between 5-8 years at Rehmat Memorial Hospital Abbottabad under controlled conditions showing cartoons on TV screen by using wireless headphones. There were two main groups divided into the controlled group and uncontrolled group containing one hundred participants in each group. Each patient's pulse rate, heart rate was recorded and live pulse rate was in sight by using wristband with pulse rate detector. Venham's picture test was used to check the correct reaction of the patient for the assessment of degree of anxiety more realistically.

Results Controlled group n=100 and uncontrolled group n=100 patient aged 5-8 years treated for various procedures in different appointments. With mean age 6-7 years, Male to female ration of participants in controlled group was 34% and 66% and in uncontrolled group male and female ration was 45% and 55%. Significant reduction in anxiety was noted in controlled group distracted by audio visual stories and rhymes.

Conclusion: Both groups were statistically evaluated and the result showed that audiovisual distraction can decrease the anxiety level in the controlled group but couldn't eliminate completely. This issue needs more studies and experiments to resolve anxiety in children completely.

Keywords: Dental anxiety, Venham’s picture test, child behaviour

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