Haider E, Hassan S, Mehmood R, Dayar J, Mahmmod A, Ali F, Khan H



Aim: To find whether final year dental students want to do post- graduation and factors that governs their decision for specialization.

Method: A cross-sectional survey was carried out on final year dental student with the help of a questionnaire. Results: The results showed that 40.8% of the students want to specialize in maxilla-facial surgery followed by orthodontics by 12.4%. 37.2% of the students want to specialize for internal satisfaction. 41. 6% student thought doing specialization would be too much time consuming.

Conclusion: It was concluded that orthodontics is the second preference for specialization as subject and the most common reason for specialization was talent in the field. The most discouraging factor was specialization is too much time consuming.

Keywords: Attitude, dental specialty, specialization

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