Shoaib Masood,Ch. Rehan Qamar, Fareeha Amdad, Muhammad Hassan, Amina Tariq

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Orthodontic Principles and Practice based Knowledge and Attitude among general dental practitioners

Shoaib Masood,Ch. Rehan Qamar, Fareeha Amdad, Muhammad Hassan, Amina Tariq



Background: This study was formulated for the comparative evaluation of the knowledge and attitude of the general dental practitioners and non-orthodontic specialties about the orthodontic treatment.

Methodology: Data of this cross sectional study was collected from 100 general dentists between an age ranges of 30 to 50 years using simple random sampling from all over Lahore.

Results: The percentage for the positive responses was 85.69% whereas the negative response rate was very low which was reported as 14.3%. This showed that dental practitioners in market are practicing orthodonticskills. The response rate of general practitioners was: 60.42% positive responses and 39.57% negative responses were obtained which showed that more than half of general dental practitioners have a positive attitude towards orthodontic treatment guidance to their patients with general complaints.

Conclusion: The overall attitude of general dental practitioners is satisfactory towards orthodontic treatment in general patients. Moreover, dental practitioners in Pakistan are were well aware of the Skills used before, during and after the orthodontic treatment.

Keywords: Clinical practice, Knowledge, Orthodontic treatment, Dental Practitioners

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