Tazeen Kohari, Zaheer Amjad, Zaffar Malick



Background: Cerebellum the hindbrain is located in the posterior cranial fossa.The cerebellar cortex consists, of a gray matter and a white matter and the gray matter comprises of outer molecular layer, middle purkinje cell layer and inner most is the granule cell layer. The antimaniac drug lithium caused distortion to the outer molecular cell layer which was repaired and the damage was lessened by injecting the albino rats with Methylcobalamin.

Aim: To observe and document the data of the restored thickness of molecular cell layer after Methylcobalamin administration.

Methods: Eighteen albino rats were selected and were treated with lithium and Methylcobalamin for a period of 4 weeks.

Results: The results showed regeneration and improved thickness of molecular cell layer stressing the need for educating our masses in dietary use of vitamin b12 and the consultants to prescribe Methylcobalamin in neuronal injuries.

Conclusion: My study proved that the use of vitamin b12 is mandatory in strengthening and restoring the cerebellar molecular gray matter.

Keywords: Cerebellar molecular cell layer,Degeneration, Regeneration

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