Tarique Khan, Abid Rashid, Muhammad Awais Samee, Ahmed Ali

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Comparison of Outcomes between Elective Tracheostomy versus Emergency Tracheostomy

Tarique Khan, Abid Rashid, Muhammad Awais Samee, Ahmed Ali



Aim: To compare the frequency of early postoperative complications of elective tracheostomy and emergency tracheostomy.

Study design: Comparative/observational study

Place and duration of study: Department of ENT/Head & Neck Surgery, Mayo Hospital Lahore from 1st July 2012 to 31st December 2012.

Methodology: One hundred patients of both genders undergoing tracheostomy were enrolled. All the patients were divided equally in two groups; Group A (elective) comprised 50 patients and group B (emergency) tracheostomies also comprised 50 patients. Early postoperative complications were examined and compare between both groups.

Results: There were 28 (56%) and 22 (44%) males and females in group A with mean age 42.45±10.55 years while in group B 30 (60%) and 20 (40%) patients were male and females with mean age 43.06±9.84 years. Patients received emergency tracheostomy had high rate of postoperative complications as compared to elective tracheostomy (36% vs 16%). The difference was statistically significant(P<0.05).

Conclusion: Early postoperative complications were high in patients underwent emergency tracheostomy as compared to elective tracheostomy.

Keywords: Early complications, Elective tracheostomy, Emergency tracheostomy

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