Hanif Ullah, Syed Sajid Munir, Maimoona Saeed

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Aim: Frequency of pneumonia in children < 2 years of age presenting with measles. Settings: Pediatric Department, Khyber Teaching Hospital, Peshawar. Study design: Cross sectional study.

Study duration: 6 months from 24/7/2018 to 24/1/2019. Methodology: In this study, a total of 131 patients observed. Children with clinical suspicion of measles were undergone a complete blood count and X-ray chest. Results: In this study, mean age was 12 years with SD ± 2.16. Fifty five percent children were male while 45% children were female. 70% children had pneumonia and difference was statistically significant.

Conclusion: Frequency of pneumonia was 70% in children <2 years of age presenting with measles.

Keywords: Pneumonia, children, measles

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