Muhammad Imran Ashraf, Bushra Suhail, Usman Saeed, Muhammad Arshad, Muhammad Imtiaz, Ali Zulqernain

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Psychiatric symptoms in students of medical colleges in Punjab

Muhammad Imran Ashraf, Bushra Suhail, Usman Saeed, Muhammad Arshad, Muhammad Imtiaz, Ali Zulqernain



Background: In Punjab, after medical college entrance exam, 3405 candidates got seats in 19 medical colleges (public sector) from 80 thousand participants. In Pakistan, after UHS induction, enrollment of 4300 candidates was made in 43 private medical colleges per year. MBBS, In Pakistan, consist of five academic years along with one year of House job. MBBS is regarded as one of toughest studies that not only effect student health physically but also mentally.

Aim: To find out the incidence of stress, depression and anxiety, and stress experienced by medical candidates, and its link with different variables.

Duration and study design: September 2018 to December 2019, Cross-sectional study

Methods: From September 2018 to 2019 December, this case research was carried out in candidates of private as well as public Medical Colleges. The case research consists of sampling of 270 candidates. The data was collected via questionnaire.. The data was analyzed using social sciences .The statistical analysis of different variables and anxiety stress and depression was carried out.

Results: It was reported that the incidence of stress depression and anxiety, and between medical candidates were respectively, 41.1%, 60.1% and 62.2%. Female candidates were found to be more relaxed and stress free as compared to male candidates. Male students were found to be more depressed than female students (29.4% vs 52.2%) along with a statistically significant (P<0.001). Gender is free from association with stress and Anxiety. Candidates from urban areas were more stress free (41.4%) as compared to candidates from village sides (59.2%) with a statistically significant (P=0.021).

Conclusion: The incidence of stress anxiety and depression was found more significant in case of male candidates as compared to female candidates. Male candidates and candidates from rural sides were more prone to stress and anxiety.

Keywords: Medical Education, Depression, Anxiety, Stress, Medical students.

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