Muhammad Farooq, Saqib Ghafoor Kayani, Wajeeha Jabeen, Waleed Javaid Toosy

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Enhanced learning through Natural Model training: Case for application in pediatric dentistry

Muhammad Farooq, Saqib Ghafoor Kayani, Wajeeha Jabeen, Waleed Javaid Toosy



Background: In field of pediatric dentistry, proper diagnosis and teaching is very important in analysis of resorbed root radio graphically in deciduous teeth for pulpectomy.

Aim: To present a new method that improves root canals quality by Undergraduate who was learners.

Methods: The oral medicine department selects study cases from OPD. The deciduous teeth were extracted and molded in the transparent epoxy resin similar as their position in human jawbone. Then, their own pre-extraction radiographs were pasted along with them. There was selection of about forty dental Undergraduate in conventional group and experimental Group A. Data from all the participants was carefully analyzed. There was allocation of a questionnaire to each participating Undergraduate that consisted of answer choice in Lickert scale in order to measure aptitude of Undergraduate to this new method and then data obtained was an analyzed statistically.

Results: when the mean degree of learning aptitude was compared between experimental Group A group and conventional group then experimental Group A group showed significant results 8.9 than conventional group 6.1, whereas p= 0.03 <0.05.

Conclusion: By using the natural models in radiography training, we can make undergraduate to learn better educational diagnosis pediatric dentistry as well as make them compatible to face upcoming challenges in periodic field of dentistry.

Keywords: Pediatric Dentistry; Radiology; Pulpectomy; Medial Education, Undergraduate

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