Sadaf Gill, Sarah Nisar, Lubna Sarfraz, Khaula Sidra, Arshad Faheem, Naima Mujahid

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Diagnostic Accuracy of MDCT (Multidetector Computed Tomography) for Staging of Renal Cell Carcinoma

Sadaf Gill, Sarah Nisar, Lubna Sarfraz, Khaula Sidra, Arshad Faheem, Naima Mujahid



Background: The advancement in technology has introduced multi-detector CT scanners and achievement of better spatial resolution with faster acquisition has become a possibility. The three-dimensional reformatted images along with multiplanar reconstructions upgrade the staging capabilities for RCC.

Aim: To check accuracy of MDCT (Multi-detector Computed tomography) in staging renal cell carcinoma with histopathology taken as the gold standard.

Study design: The study is a descriptive cross sectional study.

Settings: Radiology Department, Bahawal Victoria Hospital, Bahawalpur

Study duration: 16"' January 2019 to 15"' July 2019.

Methods 157 patients (including both genders) were included with age range of 25-60 years, showing features of renal cell carcinoma on ultrasonography. Those Patients with renal mass other than renal cell carcinoma, solitary functioning kidney and pregnant females were eliminated from the study. All the selected patients had Multi-detector CT scan abdomen performed.

Results: Mean age was 44.66+9.3 I years. Out of these 157 patients, there were 90(57.32) male patients and 67 (42.68°/c) females with ratio of I.3: I. All the patients had CT scan of abdomen and pelvis. The results showed that 8I of the patients were True Positive and only 08 were False Positive. Out of 68 CT negative patients, 07 (False Negative) showed renal cell carcinoma on histopathology while 6 I True Negative patients had no evidence of RCC on histopathology (p=0.0001).

Conclusion: Multi-detector CT scan is a very sensitive yet accurate non - invasive method for staging renal cell ca.

Keywords: Renal cell carcinoma, multidetector CT scan, imaging, sensitivity

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