Faiza Javaid Tariq, Abdur Rahman Bin Irfan, Seema Daud

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Cell-phone Addiction Amongst Medical students: A cross-sectional study

Faiza Javaid Tariq, Abdur Rahman Bin Irfan, Seema Daud



Background: Cellular phone has become an integral part of our daily lives. Almost all medical students use it to perform various functions, from networking to use of different application.

Aim: To observe the ill effects of problematic cell phone use amongst medical students.

Method: A descriptive cross-sectional study was conducted on 4th year MBBS at Lahore medical and dental college during January to April 2019. A questionnaire was used having a 7 scale Likert and frequencies of result were given in form of pie chart, bar chart and a table.

Results: It was seen that almost half of the class have some tendency towards developing cell phone addiction. 47.2% were males and 52.8% were females who participated in this study. More than half i.e. 51.4% and 59% agreed to have urge to use phone and to frequently check their phone, respectively. A collective 54.9% showed distraction from their studies while being constantly using phone.

Conclusion: Cellphone addiction among medical student is rising, some patterns of this problematic use still needs to be explored further and guidelines need to be provided so as to improve the overall wellbeing of students from the ill effects of their phone use. And developing habits which would improve their lifestyle and do not add to their stresses.

Keywords: Cellphone, Medical students, Addiction

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