Muhammad Akhtar, R D Nadeem, S Faraz Ul Hassan S Gilani, Faisal Masood, M S Nqashband, M Taqi

Service delivery during COVID-19 Pandemic in Orthopedic Surgery Mayo Hospital, Lahore

Muhammad Akhtar, R D Nadeem, S Faraz Ul Hassan S Gilani, Faisal Masood, M S Nqashband, M Taqi



Aim: To explain our experience of service delivery at Orthopedic surgery during pandemic severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus (SARS VoV-19). Methods: We studied a retrospective cohort-based on a manual medical record of the Department of Orthopedic Surgery and Traumatology Unit-I, King Edward Medical University, Mayo Hospital, Lahore, from March to July 2020. The medical record of admission operated cases in accident & emergency, indoor, and all patients attended in the out-patient department were stated. We continued the delivery of our service in an emergency, indoor, elective operation theater, and an out-patient department (OPD). The experience of running the services in the emergency, indoor, and OPD was gathered to present for best practices in future perspective. Results: Out of the total of 4660 patients treated, there were 2831(60.75%) males, and 1885(40.4%) were female. The mean age of the patients was 32.8±10.14-year. Amongst the total 4660, 1906(40.9%) patients were operated, and 2754(59.1%) were attended in the OPD. Out of these operated patients, 1839 (96.5%) were trauma patients, 58(3.04%) follow up surgery, 05(0.26%) tumor surgeries, 3(0.16%) arthroplasties, and 01 arthroscopies. Amongst the total of 1839 operated patients in an emergency, 1177(64%) were minor procedures, and 662(36%) were major procedures. Total Admissions in the COVID-19 pandemic were 769 (16.5%), out of which 715(92.98%) were admitted through accident and emergency. Conclusion: There was limitation to elective surgery, with risk to manage the emergency in orthopedic trauma patient. Emergency and tumor surgeries poses real challenge for safety during COVID-19 pandemic. Keywords: Coronavirus pandemic, Orthopedic Surgery experience, Orthopedic surgery operated cases.

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