M Taqi, M Tasneem, M Akhtar, M S. Naqshband, S F Shah Gillani, M Jazib Nadeem, R D Nadeem, I Ahmad

Treatment and Outcomes of Proximal Femoral Locking Plate Vs Proximal Femoral Nail

M Taqi, M Tasneem, M Akhtar, M S. Naqshband, S F Shah Gillani, M Jazib Nadeem, R D Nadeem, I Ahmad



Aim: To compare the outcomes between proximal femoral locking plate and proximal femoral nail in unstable per-trochanteric fracture, Boyd & Griffin type III/IV.

Methods: This comparative cross-sectional study done using a non-probability purposive sampling technique at the Department of Orthopedic Surgery, King Edward Medical University/Mayo Hospital, Lahore from January 1st, 2018 to December 30th, 2019. The sample size was 61 cases, aged between 18 to 70 years, with unstable sub-trochanteric, Boyd & Griffin type III and IV fracture were included, and patient with fracture neck of femur, open fracture, pathological fracture, and uncontrolled diabetes mellitus were excluded from the study. The patients were divided into Group-A and Group B.

Results: Out of the total 31 patients in group A, there were 16(51.6%) males and 15(48.4%) females, while amongst 30 patients in group B, there were 17(56.6%) males and 13(43.3%) females. The mean age of the patient in group Awas 55±6.2 years and group B 57.9±6.7 years. There was no superficial and deep infection observed in both groups. There were 2(6.5%) cases of implant failure, in group A and there was no implant failure in group-B. fracture. In group-A, the radiological union was observed in 29(93.5%) patients and group-B, it was observed in 100% of patients. The difference in mean radiological union score (RUST) between the group-A (5.46±62.03 months) and group-B group (6.51±6 1.74 months) were not statistically significant at follow-up of 30 weeks.

Conclusion: Proximal femoral nail is an appropriate option for unstable intertrochanteric fractures of the femur as compared to proximal femoral locking plate in terms of complications and union rates.

Keywords: Inter-trochanteric fracture, Proximal femoral locking plate, Proximal femoral Nail.

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