Asif Noor, Javeria Afzal, Asad Mahmood, Mawra Hyder, Mustafa Sajid, Muhammad Jamil

Effectiveness of Mineral Trioxide Aggregate (MTA) as Direct Pulp Capping Agent in Mandibular Molars

Asif Noor, Javeria Afzal, Asad Mahmood, Mawra Hyder, Mustafa Sajid, Muhammad Jamil



Background: Direct pulp-capping technique has been in use as a treatment to maintain the vital pulp. Root canal treatment and extraction of tooth can be ruled out if direct pulp capping reveals better rate of success. Mineral trioxide aggregate (MTA) is a new advancement in the science of dental materials which is used as direct pulp capping agent as it has good biocompatibility and superior sealing capacity. It is also easy and simple to use. Aim: To evaluate rate of success when MTA is used as a direct pulp capping agent. Methods: This study was done in Multan Dental College, Multan. Sample size was 60 cases with pin-point pulpal exposure. Patients having vital pulp exposed by Trauma / caries in permanent mandibular molars clinically were chosen.

Results: MTA was used on the exposure site in width of 2mm and damped cotton engaged on MTA. Postoperative x-rays and follow up was monitored. 35 were male (58.33%) and 25 were female (41.67%). Overall rate of success is 90% which means fifty-four patients treated with MTA show effectiveness, but six patients had failure of pulp capping.

Conclusion: MTA is a better choice for direct pulp capping. Whenever an exposure site is sealed by means of mineral trioxide aggregate, the chances of failure decrease and the prognosis is usually good. Keywords: Mineral trioxide aggregate (MTA), direct pulp capping, Postoperative x-rays, follow up

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