Abdul Muqeet, Riwad Noor, Asad Mahmood, Abdul Wahab, Muhammad Jamil, Mustafa Sajid

Vaccination Status Against Hepatitis B Virus Among House Officer’s of a Private Dental Institute/College

Abdul Muqeet, Riwad Noor, Asad Mahmood, Abdul Wahab, Muhammad Jamil, Mustafa Sajid



Background: One of most hazardous infections that can prompt death is Hepatitis B and it is familiarized as highest ten dangerous afflictions of life1. Hepatitis B has been ranked among those diseases which can cause death. Medical care experts have greater chance of getting infested with this infection since they are straightforwardly reached with contaminated patients.

Aim: To assess percentage of inoculated Dental House officers in a tertiary care hospital. This examination additionally rules out or precludes various causes which diminish the immunization rate.

Setting: Multan Dental College Multan

Methodology: It was the questionnaire-based cross-sectional study. Here the simple random sampling technique had been utilized in a private sector hospital of Multan city. 50 participants completed a questionnaire. Information was collected & tabulated

Results: 80% of the participants were vaccinated while 20% were not vaccinated & reasons for non-vaccine are also stated. Busy Schedule & forget to receive vaccine were the main reasons among non-vaccinated individuals.

Conclusion: Self-reported rate of vaccination among House officers has been satisfactory against hepatitis B virus in this environment where they have direct contact with this dangerous disease but needs to be improved further. Medical institutes should furthermore assume responsibility to teach and explain their employees with respect to immunization and cautionary measures against hepatitis B infection.

Keywords: Hepatitis B, House officers, Immunization, Vaccination

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