Erdi Kaya, Doğukan Batur Alp Gülşen, Mevlüt Yildiz



The primary aim of this study is to determine what are effective on the social exclusion of the physically disabled individuals. Problems experienced by the disabled community show that they are exposed to social exclusion. In this study, economic, social, cultural problems they experienced and effect of these problems on the disabled athletes were investigated. 169 athletes of 40 clubs challenged in Turkish Physically Disabled Swimming Championship organized by Turkish Sports Federation of Physically Disabled in Aksaray on 23-25 January 2019. 73 physically disabled athletes participated into this study. It was attempted to investigate the social exclusion levels of disabled athletes and factors leading to this in this study. In conclusion, the social exclusion that is one of the most important concepts in the social policy field is being used for describing the individuals who cannot integrate with the society and it is a broader concept than poverty and income status in our present day.

Key Words: Athlete-Education-Physically-Disabled-Social Exclusion

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