Sehar Gul, Saima Naz Shaikh, Keenjher Rani, Prof. Khalida Shaikh

Correlation of Serum Calcium Level with Hypertension

Sehar Gul, Saima Naz Shaikh, Keenjher Rani, Prof. Khalida Shaikh



Objective: To determine the association between serum calcium level and hypertension by taking normotensive individual as control.

Materials and Methods: This cross sectional/comparative study was conducted at medicine OPD LUMHS in collaboration with diagnostic and research laboratory of LUMHS, Jamshoro. With six months after from March 2016 to August 2016. All the individuals resident of Hyderabad division and newly diagnosed as hypertensive cases and either of gender were included and in equal number normotensive individuals were taken controls. Sphygmomanometers were used to assess blood pressure in all of the study participants in sitting posture. In all patients, 3 ml of intravenous blood sample was collected under hygienic conditions for serum calcium level determination by using Hitachi Automatic Analyzer 902.

Results: Mean age of the study subjects was found to be 38.67 years and males were found in majority 70(61.94%). There was no significant variance in BMI between the non-hypertensive and hypertensive groups, which may be because obese patients were excluded. Serum calcium level was significantly decreased in hypertensive study group (7.32+1.11mg/dl) than the non-hypertensive study group (8.95+1.25 mg/dl); p=0.001. Significant negative correlation was found between systolic & diastolic blood pressure and calcium level (r=0.09, p= 0.001) and (r= 0.04, p-value 0.13) respectively.

Conclusion: Serum calcium level was inversely associated to blood pressure in hypertensive cases. It was significantly decreased among hypertensive patients as compared to non-hypertensive individual.

Keywords: Calcium level, Hypertension, Association

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