Dalia M.A. Elsherbini, Eman M. El-mancy, Mohammed M. E. Elmoghazy

Reviewing Biochemical Kidney Parameters in Female with Thyroid Disarrays under Drug Therapy

Dalia M.A. Elsherbini, Eman M. El-mancy, Mohammed M. E. Elmoghazy



Aim: To explore the outcome of thyroid disorders on the kidney and the impact of thyroid disorder treatment on the renal functions.

Methods: Hospital-based a retrospective review of the medical records was conducted including the patients attending the internal medicine outpatient department, Mansoura University Hospital, Mansoura Governorate, Egypt.A total of 480 individuals, euthyroid group (250) and diseased group (230) with thyroid dysfunction under drug therapy, were randomly selected from patients attending the outpatient clinic in the hospital. Serum thyroid hormones and renal functions were evaluated.

Results: It was observed that serum creatinine was increased in the hypothyroid group in contrast to other groups. But it decreased in the hyperthyroid group. There is a moderate negative correlation between T3 and T4 as compared with serum creatinine. Blood urea was increased in hypothyroid and hyperthyroid groups as compared with the euthyroid group. It reached its highest value in the hyperthyroid group. In the present work, it was noticed serum creatinine started to decrease with the progress of treatment till it becomes more or less similar to the euthyroid group after 2 years of treatment in hypothyroid and after 6 months in the hyperthyroid group.

Conclusion: serum creatinine and blood urea show significant alterations in patients with abnormal thyroid status. Early investigation of renal biochemical abnormalities can increase the opportunity of restoring normal kidney function by the treatment of thyroid dysfunction.

Keywords: Thyroid gland, hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism, creatinine, urea

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