Asma Qayyum, Rubina Iqbal, Tooba Rizwan



Aim: To determine the association of intrauterine growth restriction and pregnancy induced hypertension in patients presenting in a tertiary care hospital.

Methodology: Cohort study during 6 months i.e. from 6-5-2017 to 6-11-2017. 240 pregnant females fulfilled the inclusion criteria were included through OPD. Then females were divided in two groups i.e. group I females with PIH and group II females without PIH. Then females underwent ultrasonography for assessment of fetal weight. If fetal weight <10th percentile of respective gestational age, then IUGR was labeled.

Results: The mean age of exposed group was 29.32±6.26years and 30.83±5.93years for unexposed group. The mean gestational age of exposed group was 39.40±1.13weeks and 39.69±1.04weeks for unexposed group. In exposed group, IUGR was found in 47(39.2%) patients. In unexposed group, IUGR was found in 13(10.8%) patients. There were 3.6154 times higher risk of IUGR in exposed group (PIH) i.e., RR=3.6154 (95% CI; 2.0658, 6.3272, p<0.05).

Conclusion: The risk of IUGR was double in females with PIH, however, early screening for PIH and IUGR is recommended to manage these cases for avoidance of such complications.

Key words: Association, intrauterine growth restriction, pregnancy induced hypertension, gestational age

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