Umair T Mirza, Sidrah Riaz, Abeer Qamar, Mirza Saad Ullah Baig, Tariq Mehmood5, M Tariq Khan

An Assessment of Awareness Towards Diabetic Retinopathy among Diabetics of DHQ Hospital Jhelum,

Umair T Mirza, Sidrah Riaz, Abeer Qamar, Mirza Saad Ullah Baig, Tariq Mehmood5, M Tariq Khan



Aim: To assess awareness about diabetic retinopathy among diabetic patients

Place and duration of study: The patients coming at Medical OPD, District Headquarter Hospital Jhelum, fulfilling inclusion criteria were included, over the period six months from1st October 2019 to 30th March 2020.

Methods: A predesigned questionnaire of twenty (20) questions was developed keeping the objectives in mind. A total of 102 patients were included for the study fulfilling inclusion criteria. A Cross sectional survey. Non-probability conventional sampling method was used. The results were analyzed by SPSS 20. The frequencies were presented in form of tables and bar charts.

Results: There were 54(53%) males and 48(47%) females. Age range was 20 to 79 years. Family history of diabetes was positive in 60 (58.80%) patients. Duration of diabetes was up to 5 years in 31 (30.4%), 5 to 10 years in 35(34.3%), 11 to 20 years in 29(28.4%) and above 21 years in 7(6.9%). Out of 102 patients 53 (52%) were known hypertensive. The education level was primary or below 59 (57.8%) and 43(42.2%) had secondary school degree or above. About 20% patient had opinion that diabetic retinopathy can cause irreversible visual loss. The fact that ocular complication can result in diabetic patients was known by 69(67.6%) patients. Nearly 33 (32.4%) known diabetics had no idea about need of ocular examination whereas 31(30.4%) thought monthly ocular examination is required, it was annual 11(10.8%) or two yearly for 4 (3.9%) and 23 (22.5%) patients thought to seek medical advice when there is some visual complaint.

Conclusion: The middle-aged diabetics patients are more aware of the fact that diabetes can affect eyes. The main source of information for diabetic patients regarding awareness of diabetes and its ocular effects are medical persons, family and friends. According to our study, in this district of Punjab, hypertension was important association among diabetic patients and education level seems to play an important role regarding awareness of the fact that diabetes can affect visual acuity. There is a need to enforce strategies and measures to raise the understanding and acknowledgement of diabetic retinopathy among diabetic patients.

Keywords: Diabetes Mellitus, Awareness, Diabetic Retinopathy, Hypertension.

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