Khuzaima Ahmad, Kunza Sarwar, Mahnoor Mohydin,, Abdullah Bashir, Andleeb Khanam

Awareness of Knowledge, Attitdue and Practice about Breast Self Exam among female medical students

Khuzaima Ahmad, Kunza Sarwar, Mahnoor Mohydin,, Abdullah Bashir, Andleeb Khanam



Aim: To assess the knowledge, attitude and practices of female medical students regarding breast self-examination (BSE).

Method: A cross-sectional study was conducted from 23rd March to 25th May 2020 among 704 female medical students from first to fifth year of MBBS in public and private medical colleges of different cities in Pakistan. Data was collected using a structured, self-administered online questionnaire consisting of four parts; bio data, responder’s knowledge, attitude and practice regarding BSE. The statistical analysis was done using SPSS 25

Results: The study showed that only 43.3% respondents believed that BSE should be done once a month. In terms of awareness about breast self-examination technique, 67.6% were not aware and 84.2% showed interest in performing BSE. 64.2% had performed BSE once, off which 42.2% were taught how to do BSE by a health professional.

Conclusion: The majority of the respondents knew about the importance of BSE but there is lack of knowledge regarding the correct technique of doing breast self-examination. However, there was a positive attitude towards performing breast self-examination and learning. There is a need for female medical students to have comprehensive knowledge regarding breast self-examination. Furthermore, importance of teaching BSE to medical students should be emphasized in earlier initial stages of medical school, regardless of their gender.

Key words: BSE, Knowledge, Practice, Medical students

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