Muhammad Najam Iqbal, Ashfaq Nasir



Background: Fistula in ano is a common disease which has high recurrence rate and high fecal incontinence rate after surgery. We compared modified LIFT (Ligation of the intersphincteric fistula tract (LIFT) through lateral approach ) with cutting seton for transphincteric fistula.

Aim: This study is aimed at which procedure is better with respect to postoperative complications

Study design: It was a prospective comparative study.

Methods: This was a prospective comparative study from 01-01-2019 to 30-06-2021 which was conducted on 50 patients who presented with transsphincteric fistula in ano (FIA) in surgical ward of Bahawal Victoria Hospital Bahawalpur. Patients were divided into two groups .Patients of Group A underwent modified lift procedure and  patients of group B underwent cutting seton procedure. Data was collected on a proforma which included patients’ name ,age ,sex, age group, comorbid disease like diabetes mellitus ,chronic liver disease, cardiovascular disease   and chronic renal failure, fistula tract involving less than 50% or more than 50% external sphincter ,procedure done, healing time of wound, complications like recurrence and incontinence. Patients were followed for 6 months for healing rate ,recurrence and incontinence. Data was analysed on spss 22 version

Results:  In Group A, complete healing (fistula closure without recurrence) was achieved in 20 patients (80%) out of 25. There was no case of anal incontinence  after the procedure. 5 (20%)  patients experienced recurrence in 6 months . In Group B, complete healing (fistula closure without recurrence) was achieved  in 21 patients (84%), in   6  months follow up . 4(16%) patients were diagnosed as a case of anal incontinence. There were 4 (16%) patients with   recurrence.

Conclusion: Modified  LIFT is better  in terms of incontinence where as cutting seton is better in terms of is suggested that for high lying fistula modified LIFT is better procedure and for low lying fistula involving less than 50% sphincter cutting seton is better procedure..

Keywords: Modified LIFT (ligation of ineter sphincteric fistula tract) ,Cutting seton  , transphincteric fistula.

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