Umair Saleem, Kamran Afzal, Saqib Shoaib, Fareed Azam Khan



Background: Intertrochanteric region are common in older ages. 33% females and 15% males in their 90s suffer from hip fracture, most commonly intertrochanteric fractures (50%). The pain associated with the surgery of the intertrochanteric fractures is quite troublesome and reduces patient mobilization thus increasing morbidity.
Aim: To compare preoperative intravenous methylprednisolone vs control in terms of mean VAS score in patients presenting with intertrochanteric femur fractures.
Study design: Randomized control trial
Place and duration of study: Orthopaedic Department & General Surgery Department POF Hospital Wah Cantt and Izzat Ali Shah Hospital Wah Cantt from 1st Jan 2020 till 31st Dec 2020
Methodology: Sixty patients were enrolled and divided in two groups. Thirty patients in methylprednisolone group and 30 patients in control Group were enrolled. Age 40-75 years old people of both genders with intertrochanteric femur fractures were included. Post-operative pain was recorded at resting position and 45° hip flexion position 24 hours post-surgery through VAS.
Results: In group A, 18 patients were males and 12 were female. In group B 19 patients were male and 11 were female. Mean age in group A was 56.37±4.56 years and in group B, 55.89±4.13 years. Mean VAS pain score in the control group was 5.03±1.542 while the mean VAS pain score in the treatment group was 3.70±15.79 (P=0.002).
Conclusion: Methylprednisolone preoperatively reduces postoperative pain at 24 hours after surgery in patients undergoing intertrochanteric fracture fixation.
Keywords: Methylprednisolone, Preoperative, Visual Analogue Scale, Pain, Postoperative’

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