Muhammad Ilyas, Jawed Akbar Dars, Chooni Lal, Fazal Ullah

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Examine the Frequency of Postnatal Depression in Mothers having Malnourished Infants

Muhammad Ilyas, Jawed Akbar Dars, Chooni Lal, Fazal Ullah



Background: Healthy child development is dependent on a mentally and physically healthy mother. Depressions in mother can adversely affect their offspring healthy growth.
Aim: To estimate the frequency of post-natal depression in mothers having malnourished infants.
Place and duration of study: Department of Psychiatry, Balochistan Institute of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences, Qeutta from 1st January 2020 to 31st December 2020.
Methodology: In this case control study 250 mothers (125 were malnourished infants or toddlers mothers and other 125 from healthy weight infants/toddlers mothers) were interviewed to assess their depressional state. Their stress inducing factors, age and other clinical comorbidities were also documented.
Results: Mean mother age of malnourished infants/toddlers was 28.1±6.6 years in comparison to 27.8±5.2 years of healthy weight infants/toddlers mother’s respectively. Twenty four percent malnourished infant/toddlers’ mothers were single parent. Un-employed spouse of mothers to malnourished infant/toddlers were found at higher frequency (51.06%) than of healthy infant/toddlers (23.4%).The frequency of post-natal depression among mothers of malnourished infants/toddlers was observed in 57.6% cases
Conclusion: Out of total 57.5% mothers of malnourished children suffering from post-natal depression there are 15.2% to 9.6% those having moderate to highly moderate post-natal depression.
Keywords: Post-natal depression, Malnourish, Infants, Toddlers

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