Irfana Hassan, Abdul Rehman Khan, Syed Ehsanullah



Background: Non-alcoholic liver disease causes liver damage and influences the insulin production, metabolic and inflammatory pathways and renal sufficiency.
Aim: To find an association of fatty liver, metabolic syndrome and subclinical inflammation on mild renal inadequacy.
Study design: Comparative analytical study
Place and duration of study: Department of Medicine, Bolan Medical College Quetta from 1st January 2020 to 30th June 2021.
Methodology: One hundred and twenty patients were enrolled. They were divided in two groups; 60 controls and 60 non-alcoholic fatty liver disease patients age between 30-55 years of age included. Their demographic, ultrasonography, anthropometric measurements and biochemical details were recorded.
Results: There were 34 men out of 60 having NA fatty liver with a mean age of 45±5.8 years. Mild renal inadequacy was seen in 21, metabolic syndrome in 27, hypertension in 18 and diabetes in 8 of non-alcoholic fatty liver patients with a mean raised CRP as 1.5±0.8mg/L.
Conclusion: Non-alcoholic fatty liver presence in addition to metabolic syndrome and subclinical inflammation effect on mild renal inadequacy
Key words: Fatty liver, Metabolic syndrome, Subclinical inflammation, Mild renal inadequacy

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