Erdem Eroğlu, Sultan Yavuz Eroğlu, Seydi Karakuş
Pakistan Journal of Medical & Health Sciences



Background: We wish to share the results of the scale we developed on the subject by evaluating the validity and reliability test of the career management scale in sports organizations.

Methods: The study group consists of 317 participants working in provincial directorates of sports. The construct validity of the scale was tested by explanatory factor analysis and confirmatory factor analysis. Scale reliability was measured with Cronbach's Alpha and test-retest. The discrimination of the scale was tested based on the difference between the lower 27% and the upper 27%.A correlation analysis was carried out between scale factors. To calculate the reliability of 30 items in the career management scale, “Cronbach’s Alpha”, the internal consistency coefficient, was calculated.

Results: The overall reliability of the scale was found to be very high as Alpha = 0.976. The analysis results showed that the fit statistics calculated with the confirmatory factor analysis fit well, and positive correlations were found between the dimensions of the scale and overall scores as a result of the correlation analysis (p <0.05).

Keywords: Career, Career Management, Sports Management, Organizational Career Management, Individual Career Management

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