Roma Gulzar, Komel Zulfiqar, Usman Hafeez, Abdul Rehman, Ibtesam-E-Fajar, Huma Munir

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Assessment of Knowledge and Preparedness of Healthcare Worker Regarding Current COVID-19 Crisis

Roma Gulzar, Komel Zulfiqar, Usman Hafeez, Abdul Rehman, Ibtesam-E-Fajar, Huma Munir



Background: COVID 19 has become a major health issue and has globally affected masses and increased mortality in all parts of the world. Therefore, with limited information available healthcare workers faced a multitude of problems and challenges in managing the affected individuals globally and to no surprise with developing information database regarding this disease; many lost their lives.

Aim: To assess the understanding of healthcare worker regarding COVID-19 pandemic and their competence in dealing with the current situation and to ascertain whether HCWs are actively participating in activities that hell them deal with the outbreak.

Study design: Descriptive cross sectional survey

Place and duration of study: Department of Medicine, Shaikh Zayed Hospital, Lahore from 26th September 2020 to 30th May 2020.

Methodology: Three hundred and sixty eight individuals participated in survey throughout Pakistan. The questionnaire consisting of four parts designed according to available data on coronavirus and study participants were tested for their knowledge and preparedness through multiple questions. All healthcare workers from different designation, specialties and hospitals participated for this research.

Results: Two hundred and eighty seven aged less than 35 and rest were above 35.68.5% were from public sector and rest worked in private hospitals.340 people participated from hospitals in Punjab and remaining were from other parts of Pakistan. Internet was major source of information. Study participants stated themselves as prepared in dealing with COVID 19 matters however, knowledge based questions were not answered correctly by many individuals.

Conclusion: This research was meant to identify the gaps in information and take measures to provide better health practices. The correct answers percentage was higher for more experienced individuals and who are acutely dealing with Covid infection. Also, the people who had prior exposure to some other outbreak made the right choices most of time.

Keywords: COVID-19, Coronavirus, Knowledge, Preparedness, Healthcare workers, Attitude, Awareness

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