Mohammad Hamid, Tahir Ullah Khan, Atif Masood, Faisal Amin Baig, Wali Khan, Sadaf Sarwar

Comparing the Efficacy of Double Dose Hepatitis B Vaccine with Conventional Dose Hepatitis B Vaccine in CLD Patients

Mohammad Hamid, Tahir Ullah Khan, Atif Masood, Faisal Amin Baig, Wali Khan, Sadaf Sarwar



Aim: To compare the efficacy of double dose hepatitis B vaccine with conventional dose hepatitis B vaccine in hepatitis C related chronic liver disease patients.

Study design: Interventional study (randomized controlled clinical trial)

Place and duration of study: Outpatient Department of Medicine, Services Hospital, Lahore from 12th August 2019 to 12th February 2020.

Methodology: One hundred and ten patients of both male and female age group 30 to 70 years diagnosed with chronic liver disease on the basis of changed liver echo texture on ultrasound were included. Patients were divided into two groups, each group having 55 patients. One group was given double dose (2ml) while the other was given conventional dose (1ml). Both groups were compared for efficacy in terms of prevention of CLD.

Results: The mean age of conventional group was 33.8±9.6 years while 33.7±9.1 years in the double dose group with male predominance (69.10%). Hypo-responsiveness was detected in 23.6% and 32.7% of conventional low dose group and double dose group respectively. There were gender variations in mean Anti-HBs levels. It was 129.80±70.53 mIU/mL in males and 113.26±75.57 mIU/mL in female patients (P= 0.039). Mean titers of anti-HBs in conventional dose group and high dose group were 127.82±67.59 mIU/mL and 121.56±77.00 mIU/mL, respectively (P= 0.52).

Conclusion: Double dose hepatitis B vaccination in chronic HCV infected patients efficiently increases the response rate and hence protection against chronic hepatitis B.

Keywords: Double dose hepatitis B vaccine, conventional hepatitis B vaccine, chronic hepatitis.

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