Faiza Gohar, Syed Sajid Munir, Sami Ul Haq

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Aim: Frequency of sensorineural hearing loss among children presenting with acute bacterial meningitis.

Study design: Pediatric wards of Khyber Teaching Hospital, Peshawar with the help of audiology department of Khyber teaching hospital, Peshawar

Study design & duration: Descriptive cross sectional study. 5 months from 23/10/2018 to 23/03/2019.

Sample size: Sample size was 149 using 44.4% proportions SNHL among children with bacterial meningitis, 95% confidence level and 8% absolute precision using WHO sample size calculations.

Methodology: 149 cases i.e. 90 males and 59 females were included with age of 02 to 144 months. All were with diagnosis of bacterial meningitis. Lab tests and CSF examination was performed. The assessment of hearing was done before discharge in the form of BERA and PTA. All findings of hearing assessment was entered in Performa.

Results: In the study, mean┬▒ SD of age was 28┬▒ 35.7. Moreover, 60.4% were males and 39.6% were females. 10(6.7%) of the 149 cases have sensorineural hearing loss while 139(93.3%) were having normal on hearing assessment.

Conclusion: Sensorineural hearing loss in patients with bacterial meningitis was 6.7%.

Keywords: Sensorineural Hearing Loss, Meningitis, Bacterial Meningitis.

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