Bakht Aziz, Nasir Riaz, Ateequr Rehman, Mohammad Irshad Malik, Kashif Iqbal Malik

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The Prevalence Of Allergic Fungal Sinusitis Among Patients With Nasal Polyps Presenting In A Tertiary Care Hospital

Bakht Aziz, Nasir Riaz, Ateequr Rehman, Mohammad Irshad Malik, Kashif Iqbal Malik



Background: Nasal polyp are pediculate overgrowths of sino nasal mucosa in the nasal cavity. Association of nasal polyps and allergic fungal sinusitis has been narrated in literature. This research has been conducted with a rationale of finding nasal polyps with fungal sinusitis.

Aim: To find the generality between both chronic nasal polyps and chronic fungal sinusitis in tertiary hospital of capital province.

Methods: Our study was conducted in a random pattern. It included 100 patients of nasal polyps who reported to ENT unit-II Jinnah Hospital Lahore from 1st Decmemcer,2019 to 31st August 2020. The interpretation of the data was done though 18th version of statistical software SPSS.

Results: In our study, out of 100 cases of nasal polyps, 72(72%) cases were segregated between age group of 15 years to age group of 50 years while 28%(n=28) were segregated between the age group of 5th decade to 7th decade, the value of mean standard deviation +sd was measured and narrated as 41.1+12.67 years, 55(55%) were females while 45(45%) were male patients, however the final analysis of polyps in the nose with presence of fungal sinusitis was gathered around 18(18%) of the cases.

Conclusion: The net analysis of our research helped us to device a rationale that nasal polyps and fungal sinusitis were inter related. There was a vast majority of nasal polyposis diseased patients having fungal sinusitis at the same time. This observation in a tertiary care hospital is an important landmark for analysis of all patients with nasal polypoidal disease to be scanned for fungal sinusitis at the same time.

Keywords: Nasal polyps, allergic fungal sinusitis, frequency

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