Madiha Imtiaz, Tazeen Kohari, Farah Malik,Aftab Ahmad

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Background: The cerebellum principally the motor organ is involved in the regulation of muscular tone and skilled motor movements. The cerebellar histology consists of three layers and the middle is the Purkinje cell layer which consists of pyramidal shaped purkinje cells. Clinical research shows scanty literature on the beneficial effects of Methylcobalamin on Purkinje cells layer.

Aim: Our aim was to bring to light the need for prescribing Methylcobalamin in the masses and patient suffering from motor incoordination.

Method: 15 animals were given Methylcobalamin and the changes in the thickness of Purkinje cell layer ware recorded at twelve weeks

Result: The morphometric analysis showed restored thickness of Purkinje cell layer

Conclusion: The recorded data of the regenerated purinje cell layer thickness proved that the use of Methylcobalamin is mandatory as protective drug in damaged neuronal tissue.

Key words: Proliferative, Cytostatic, Purkine cell layer

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